Revolutionizing the Online Dating Arena

Smackerooni – The original money meme, now ready to revolutionize the online dating industry. SMAKI decentralizes the payment systems involved in this lucrative & exponentially growing industry of love.

Anonymity & online dating has always been an issue, up to now. By using SMAKI’s web integrated module transacting with Smackeroonies your love life, now belongs to you again.

SMAKI Tokenomics

Total Liquidity 40%
Supply in Circulation 100%
Marketing Allocation 10%
Development Team 5%
*Approximate Info as of 2 December 2022 – 07:00 GMT Time (For exact stats, go to BscScan)
Total Supply
Fully Diluted Valuation
Token Holders
Holders Rewards


SMAKI holders receive a proportionate share of the 10% levied on each transaction. This encourages hodling and stops short term traders from manipulating the market. So by holding onto your SMAKI Tokens you share in the 10% reward of every transaction after your acquisition. Token holders should therefore also monitor the increase in tokens allocated to their wallet as well as the price of the token.


Jan 22
Pre-Launch Finalization
Digestion of market analysis & viability studies. Team and infrastructure creation. Acquire liquidity funding to bypass Pre-Sale.
Feb 22
Branding & Token Launch
Branding & Website Creation, Social Media Signup, Launch Token, Contract Testing, Verify Contract, Renounce Ownership, Pancakeswap Launch, Increase Liquidity.
Mar 22
SMAKI Token Awareness
Smackerooni Whitepaper Release. Submit SMAKI Token to BSC Scan, CoinGecko, Coin Market Cap as well as other platforms to ensure adequate exposure.
Apr 22
Smackerooni Social Media Campaign
Expand Marketing Team to create Social Media following. Attend to Crypto News Interviews as scheduled per phase 1 media campaign. Increase Liquidity Pool to 20%.
May 22
Key Strategic Partnerships
Follow through with dating platforms who has expressed interest in integrating SMAKI as a solution to improve profitability. Increase liquidity to 30%. Increase trading volume to ensure increased market cap.
Jun 22
Phase 2 Marketing & WordPress
Implement phase 2 marketing campaign going beyond Social Media. Initiate WordPress Integration Plugin development.
Jul 22
Project Reassessment & Improvements
Reassess and analyse project’s progress. Determine possible shortcomings and overcome with solutions. Provide feedback on the aforesaid progress as well as improved structure on SMAKI website as well as press releases.
Aug 22
SMAKI Mobile Application
Initiate development of SMAKI Mobile Application for deployment of Android & iOS. Press Releases on the progress of WordPress Plugin and initiation of Mobile Applications. Announce attendance of the Droidcon Conference in New York, USA.
Sept 22
Native Language Implementation
Native Language Implementation across the board of all SMAKI Marketing Campaigns to take advantage of the ever growing dating industry in South East Asia as well as the Far East.
Oct 22
WordPress Plugin Deployment
WordPress Plugin testing and deployment. Announce WordPress Plugin release date to prospect dating applications. Setup of support team for plugin implementation to users. Press release to be issued on SMAKI performance year to date.
Nov 22
Provide Stable Coin Liquidity Pairing
Add USDT (Tether) SMAKI Pairing on PancakeSwap. Promote the aforesaid through all available media channels created year to date.
Dec 22
ICWEWD 2022 Conference
Attending International Conference on Web Engineering and Web Development Conference in Vienna Austria 27 & 28 December 2022. Implementing Native Languages for South American Regions for Social Media and other Marketing Campaigns.
Jan 23
Website Upgrade
Upgrade of website in preparation of Android & iOS Launch to be completed by April & May 2023
Feb 23
Appointing Advisors
Appointing Advisors in the field of  the dating  industry to ensure that no possible income streams are untouched. The process will be demand driven and adjusted to needs at the specific time.
Mar 23
Centralized Exchange Listings
Proceed with Centralized Exchange Listings pending approvals and subject to set goals achieved.
Apr 23
Android Application Launch
Android Application deployment and testing with existing partners to date. Press release announcing the successful deployment.
May 23
iOS Application Deployment
iOS Application deployment and testing with existing partners to date. Press release announcing the successful deployment.
Jun 23
Strategic Partner Announcement
Announcing a Strategic Partnership with a leading Online Dating Platform. (Advance talks have been taking place since September 2021.) Announcement will be pending successful implementation of roadmap as above.
Jul 23
Annual Project Reassessment
Reassess and analyse project progress. Determine possible shortcomings and overcome with solutions. Provide feedback on the aforesaid progress as well as improved structure on SMAKI website as well as press releases. Structure Phase 3 Marketing Initiative.
Aug 23
Metaverse Vission & Development
Assign team members for the Metaverse Vission & Strategic Development project to ensure SMAKI”s future and availability in the ever growing Metaverse.
Sept 23
European Language Implementation
Implementing Native Languages for European Regions on Social Media and other Marketing Campaigns.
Oct 23
Own Dating Platform
An advanced feasibility study on the viability of creating a SMAKI online dating platform. Outcome of this study will greatly determine the roadmap for 2024 to be released in November 2022.
Nov 23
Tier 1 Exchange Preparation
As to be expected the Month of November will be consumed for the preparation of Tier 1 Exchange listing. Ample time will be allocated to ensure successful application outcome in the month of December 2023.
Dec 23
Tier 1 Exchange Listings
Proceed with Tier 1 Exchange Listings pending approvals and subject to set goals achieved up to December 2023. Preparation of extensive media campaign on approval of Tier 1 Exchange Listing.







Having spent more than the last decade in the web and app development industry, more specifically the online dating industry, moving to block-chain development was the natural path to follow. Deon van Rheed is the CEO as well as head developer of the SMAKI Love Token and related applications that will be making use of the Smackerooni Token.

Deon is assisted by Tanya Potgieter as head of marketing, John Gold (CFO) as financial analyst and Wendy Smith as head web app project manager.

Current SMAKI team is 11 strong and growing